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Food and Cooking in the ancient Rome

The Thermopolium Project

Thermopolium is one of the projects conceived and developed by Mos Maiorum in the framework of its activities of historical reconstitution of ancient roman Italy.

The thermopolium - also known as popina - was the equivalent in antiquity of our taverns, were the clients were served with warm food already cooked, preserved in terracotta jars embedded in a counter; that's because the thermopolin is considered by many as the fast food of antiquity.

Our scope is to make and propose recipes (the so-called 'archeo-recepies') we would have tasted in a thermopolium, o the re-discovery of the ancient flavours and strong scents which colored the our ancestors' everyday life.


Every detail of our activity is based on the knoledge of the culinary reality of the time and everything is made in the strict respect of literary, archeological and icononographic sources.

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