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MOS MAIORUM is a non – profit making cultural association of study and historical re-enactment, based in Rome, whose purpose is to promote and disseminate the knowledge, traditions, spirit and culture of ancient Rome, through the reconstruction of every aspect of the roman world, according to the Mos Maiorum, the core of the traditional morality of the Roman civilization.

The  cornerstone of the Association is a passion for the history of ancient Rome, with particular  reference to that portion of the Republic that spans from the Punic Wars to the Social War (III - I century BC.); the associates offer their technical and practical contribution to the creation of artifacts, according to the rules of the social workshop (fabrica).

All tools, objects of daily life, weaponry, clothing, other equipment and facilities are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the historical sources that have come down to us through the classic, iconography and archaeological findings. 


Our association is also involved in educational activities in schools and in favour of public and private institutions for cultural and tourism promotion; it organizes or takes part - all over Italy and abroad - in the reconstruction of historical events, encompassing not only military but all areas of society and  the daily life of ancient Rome, presented to the public in an interactive and practical way. 

We of Mos Maiorum hope to cooperate with all associations that have the same area of interest, and we invite everybody, enthusiasts or curious, to contact us with questions, to work with us or to join our group. Finally, it is important to point out that the Association is non-political and both it and its individual members are not involved with or in any political and /or religious ideology and they reject and condemn any form of violence or discrimination and embrace instead, the spirit of association as a means of training, education and diffusion of the culture and history of Rome.

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