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How to become a Legionnaire of the Secvnda

To enlist in the Secvnda you must first have a genuine interest in Roman history and experimental archeology and be willing to share your knowledge with all of the members of the association.

There’s no need to be skilled craftsmen or possess special dexterity or knowledge to build your own material and equipment; all that is required is good will and commitment to follow the advice and directions of those who have already made them. Workshops sessions are regularly held, where we work and make things together.

Initially, during the test period every would-be legionnaire is subjected to, the equipment can be provided by the Association, but within a certain period of time it is up to the single Legionnaire to come to possess all that is needed, to be made (or in some cases also to be purchased) according to the specifications and standards provided by the Association.

The basic individual equipment consists of:

- montefortino-type helmet with feathers;

- republican shield;

- spanish gladius;

- red tunic in natural cloth ;

- lorica hamata (chainmail)

- pilum or hasta (spear);

- cingulum (belt)

- caligae (legionaire’s sandals)

- brown natural cloth cloak.

It is requested that you apply to be admitted and that you present a medical certificate. For minors parent’s consent is required and they must be accompanied during events.

Also there is an annual membership fee, which is used to pay for an insurance contract against damages  claims from third parties.

We remind you that the Association is completely non-profit making and therefore every economic contribution, voluntary or compulsory, is used exclusively in the achievement of the Association’s purposes.

If you want to know more do not hesitate to contact us at the following address or go at the Contacts page and we will be happy to answer any question:

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