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The Mos Maiorum

What is the Mos Maiorum?

Mos Maiorum in latin means "custom, habit of the ancestors" and it represents the foundation of roman civilization's traditonal ethic and morality.

The Mores, in fact, were ancient customs accepted as precepts by all of the roman citizens; they were defined Maiorum  because were in use by the ancestors and were respected by the fathers and the elderly and most authoritative men in the roman  patriarchal society.

Honos and Virtus

As a logo for our association we thought it was appropriate to choose the images of Honos and Virtus, as depicted on an ancient denarius of the Roman Republic from 70 b.C.

"HONOS. - Deified personification of Honor - perhaps specifically of military honor. In the roman world it was intensely worshipped since the republican age, at least from III century b.C. onwards.

It is stricly related to VIRTUS, the war valor, and the two of them appears together either in literary and epigraphic sources and in monuments."

Q. Fufius Calenus e Mucius Cordus. Denarius, 70 b.C.
O/ Jugate heads right of Honos, laureate, and Virtus, wearing crested helmet. Back, HO. before, VIRT. below, KALENI.
R/ Italia standing right, holding cornucopia and clasping hands with Roma standing left, with right foot on globe, holding scepter; winged caduceus to left.
The type probably refers to the recent pacification of Italy after the end of the social war.
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